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We are a customer-oriented company.  Corrosion Solutions, Inc is committed to providing high-quality products to our customers.

MISSION STATEMENT -  Our company is 100% Veteran owned and operated and was formally organized and incorporated in 1996.  The formula we wrote for our success was to utilize our many years of experience in the corrosion industry and combine it with the concept of serving our clients' corrosion mitigation requirements for a reasonable fee, within a reasonable time frame, and to the best of our ability. 

Over the years we have seen corporate America stray from the core concept of serving the customer, opting instead to focus an alarming amount of their resources and efforts in the quest to satisfy the increasing pressure of producing large investment returns for stockholders.  Indeed, in order to "grow" a company and make it profitable there must exist an equitable distribution of efforts between the two concepts.  However, it is our contention that the "fine line" of distribution has become blurred and that the phrase "customer service" has become, more or less, an oxymoron.  Quantity, it seems, has sadly replaced quality in the service industry and your individual business is not as important to most present day vendors, as it was in years past.  

In our own small way we would like to return to our customers the old concept that built the largest and most successful businesses in corporate America.  Good old-fashioned customer service!  If you think back a few years, you can almost remember how it used to be… 

So, when you contact us for your corrosion solution, you can expect that the following will occur:

  • A live person will answer the phone or a message will instruct you to leave your information. 
  • Your message or e-mail will be answered in an expeditious manner, usually the same day.
  • Your request for quotation of materials will be promptly processed.
  • Your order or project will be completed on time and for a reasonable fee.
  • Our staff will always treat you professionally and courteously. 

These are the basic concepts by which we operate our business.  There are also rare instances when we will encounter a specialty corrosion material problem which is not within the boundaries of our expertise.  If this should occur, and we don't feel exceptionally competent to assist you with your problem, we will refer you to one of our "specialist" competitors.  Now there's a novel idea… brought to you by a company concerned about, and committed to earning and keeping your business.  Your customer service company… CORROSION SOLUTIONS, INC.